Meow Level Sponsorship + One Golfer

Meow Level Sponsorship + One Golfer


Thank You for your interest in the Meow Level Sponsorship!

What you get:
- Mention at the Event by the Emcee for Meow Level Sponsorship
- Brochure (Pre Event): Listed (text); must be submitted prior to printing of brochure
- Event Program: Listed (text); Given to all attendees
- Thank you Email: Logo Included (extra small)
- 1 Social Media Post (Puttin’ Fore Paws: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)
- Placement on the Puttin’ Fore Paws website (

We very much appreciate your support! The Edmonton Humane Society benefits immensely from your generosity.

Note: As this is sponsorship, no tax receipt will be issued for this contribution.

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